август 10, 2017



The Solar Power Control System (SPCS) is designed and used for direct control of 3-phase AC motors (3x230V or 3x400V) by converting solar energy. SPCS is an independent system and as such could also be integrated within a specific technical project or solution. It can practically be used to control any three-phase AC motor, provided that technical parameters are met.

SPCS Advantages & Investment Return

  • SPCS system provides clean solar energy for pumping systems with minimum maintenance cost after the installation
  • SPCS system can replace the existing Diesel Generator without replacing the pump in case of AC pump motor
  • The investment return is less than three years, if compared with pump, powered by Diesel Generator. The system life is more than 15 years
  • SPCS can supply pump systems up to 55 kW ( 74 HP)
  • Special software simulates the average daily/weekly/monthly water flow




The major application is in agriculture, as in many countries the water for agriculture comes from deep wells


Special application for water supply of farms with constant water pressure

  • Remote control via 3G connection
  • Pre-paid function for energy and water consumption