октомври 2, 2015




We provide consultancy services in Rural Energy Access and Electrification, including:

  • Market evaluation for future power and energy infrastructure project implementation
  • Market evaluation for road and civil infrastructure power implementation
  • Consulting activity for preparing of technical documentations for execution of projects in water supplying and sewerage field
  • Solving challenges and creating opportunities for growth of solar PV water pumping and other off-grid initiatives
  • Revealing unexploited market potential
  • Analyzing market, technology and regulatory related factors
  • Conducting Solar Business Training Programs


We are eclectic energy designers:

  • Carrying about practicing an eclectic, multidisciplinary and poly-technological way of designing appropriate solutions for today’s society.
  • Solve challenges of Technology Design: the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach discourages meeting specific needs of the rural beneficiary; lack of standardization and quality assurance as most system integration efforts are led by program specifications rather than the end user’s needs.
  • Creating user customized Green Energy systems /eClusters/ which directly reduce emissions of harmful gases, help to build smart farming through sophisticated irrigation, require minimal maintenance and have a rapid return on investment.
  • Developing Cost Analysis, Market Analysis, Business and Pricing Models
  • Creating Renewable Energy based Financial Model Methodologies


We provide a full service package, including:

  • Planning, developing and managing a team of procurement and/or compliance staff and its work program to ensure the effective procurement of goods and services
  • Development, implementation and management of solicitation processes which are distinguished by their technical complexity
  • We generate, review, and analyze division procurement data; determine and make conclusions regarding patterns, trends, and problem areas; measure effectiveness of meeting procurement goals; develop recommendations for appropriate responses, including possible policy and procedural changes.