октомври 2, 2015


what makes us unique

Our Key Core Competence:

What makes us different from “the others” is that we carefully integrate technology and hardware components that already exist in the market bringing them to live by using our own concepts.

We provide considerable added value to our final niche products, by identifying appropriate client friendly performance goals and realistic outcomes; and by developing a clear and compelling user friendly technological proposition.

We provide innovative consultancy services in rural energy access and electrification; consultancy for preparing of technical documentation for execution of projects in water supply and sewerage. In designing solutions, we are eclectic energy designers: caring about practicing multidisciplinary and poly-technological way of designing appropriate solutions for today’s society.

We care about re-thinking the role of clean renewable energy solutions, by putting together sustainable business proposals using simple inputs able to create great outcomes; exercise the multi-sector approach, where clever energy and water technologies re-shape agriculture, preserve the treasures of ecosystems and influence people moving towards a zero-carbon society.

What we do with clean energy and water: We have learned to model and create working and affordable solutions for the benefit of citizens living in rural, remote, and isolated areas; in marine islands, desserts, and tropical locations, either off-grid (standalone) or connected to existing power distribution networks.

Our Niche Key Expertise:

Rural solar; Solar entrepreneurship; PV pumps; DC-nano-grids; Remote Off-Grid Power

* Niche core competence knowledge in projecting; designing; and implementing customized solutions made of special energy systems and financial models focusing on rural energy access and remote power solutions.

More details about our eCluster Project can be found here – Brochure.pdf

More details about our LSHS POWER LINE can be found here – Brochure LSHS.pdf

More details about our LSHS POWER LINE can be found here – Brochure LSHS BG.pdf

* Real business interventions for entrepreneurship (creation of income through PV power in rural areas)

* Experience with solar PV DC-based nano-grids; low (DC/AC) and medium voltage equipment; control-monitoring tools; electric water pumping stations; and water distribution networks.

* Local key expertise in developing shrimp/fish solar based pumping and livelihoods.